Spreading Their Wings
The Hungry Caterpillar Concept

The Hungry Caterpillar is a creative concept in pre-school education, established in Singapore in 1999. Its methodology is based on the internationally acclaimed Project Approach to learning: a hands-on, interactive style of education that stimulates and develops children's multiple intelligences through enquiry, participation and communication.

This balanced approach to education results in children with highly developed multi-intelligence (IQ+EQ). They tend to be creative thinkers, confident speakers, and well-adjusted, responsible and socially adept individuals.

Upon graduating, students are ready to spread their wings and take on not only primary school, but the world!

A Cocoon and a Launching Pad
The Hungry Caterpillar Environment

The Hungry Caterpillar employs the Project Approach complemented by innovative learning techniques developed by Professor Lilian Katz. It provides a secure yet challenging environment where children are unafraid to 'test their wings' within a set of safe boundaries.

Project Work is a learning experience that aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real life situations.

Fruits of Our Labours
Students' Achievements

Testimony to the effectiveness of the Project Approach was the striking 150-ft long canvas mural, entitled 'Children Building the Future', that was exhibited in the Arrivals Halls of Changi Airport during the last quarter of 2001. Created by students of the Hungry Caterpillar, it is considered a 'masterpiece' of Project Approach teaching.

In addition, Hungry Caterpillar students were selected as International Children's Day 'friendly ambassadors' to welcome all the young travelers arriving at Singapore Changi Airport. This combined event showcased students' artistic and social skills while attracting extensive media coverage for the Hungry Caterpillar Kindergarten.

Further proof of the creativity fostered at the Hungry Caterpillar was the winning entry of a young student, Seraphina Wee Ying Wel, in the recent Young Talents Art Award Exhibition in 2006. Her original artwork, based on the theme of 'Uniquely Ours', was among 52 selected from a total of 740 entries hailing from eight Asian countries.


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