Franchise Support

Connecting to a grapevine
A Support System for Franchisees

Support for franchisees is provided by an ensemble of local and expatriate professionals with decades of combined experience in the education industry. Expert assistance will be extended to franchisees in securing permits and relevant registration with local authorities. An open channel of communication will connect franchisees to the parent organization headquartered in Singapore

Building a Global Brand
Through-the-line Marketing and Publicity

Hungry Caterpillar franchising packages include guidelines and design templates for signage, marketing, advertising services and public relations programs. This results in consistent branding and substantial economies of scale.

With diverse backgrounds in education, marketing, advertising and manufacturing, the principals and founders of the Hungry Caterpillar are media-wise and highly attuned to ongoing opportunities for raising brand awareness.

In summary, the Hungry Caterpillar franchising network offers:

         The Benefits of Experience and Knowledge-Sharing
         Well-developed and Comprehensive Core Curriculum
         Association with Hungry Caterpillar Trade Mark
         Comprehensive Initial Training (with no maximum number of teachers)
         Professional Consultancy Support
         Innovative Education Merchandising Support

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