Why Franchise?

Reaching Out to the World
The Hungry Caterpillar Franchising Network

It is great pleasure and pride that the founders of the Hungry Caterpillar take their philosophy, their concept and their business model to the world through the Hungry Caterpillar franchising network.

It is widely acknowledged that franchising is an excellent strategy for business to increase their efficiency and productivity. It allows the franchisor to expand its market share with a relatively lower cost and investment risk. In turn, franchisees are able to operate more effectively by leveraging on a well-established brand name and well structured business operation system. They also enjoy access to the professional consultancy services provided by the franchisors that had been a veteran in the pre-school education business for many years.

In summary, franchising offers:

       Better Deployment of Resources
       Faster Capital Investment income Return and Shorter Learning Curve
       Faster Business Expansion with Lower Risk
       Lower Capital Outplay
       Reach the targeted customer more effectively through co-operative advertising and promotion
       Minimal Increase Employment Size
       Access to Good Location
       Sharing well established unique Corporate Trade Mark
       Better Motivated and Trained Personnel Structure
       Economics of Scale
       Achieve more rapid market penetration at lower capital cost

The Hungry Caterpillar franchising network offers all that plus more.

Sharing the Fruits of Our Labours
The Hungry Caterpillar Franchising Opportunities

The Hungry Caterpillar franchising network has been designed to offer profitable business opportunities to individuals who wish to make a difference in sharing the benefits of innovative ideas and leadership in the pre - school education business of every young lives-and indeed in the world, by nurturing tomorrow's leaders and innovators.

The Hungry Caterpillar franchise packages are a set of business models offering a choice of structured pre-school programs, from detailed curriculum outlines to teachers' footnotes on the latest pre-school teaching methodology. They are suitable for implementation in Singapore and neighboring countries.

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